Hayes Dominion A4 Disc Brake Kit

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This brilliant disc brake is specifically engineered for MTB use as it gives you powerful and reliable stopping performance.
It features a four piston caliper that's designed especially for the rigors of DH and enduro racing as it meets the demands of the most aggressive trail conditions and riders. Providing a firm engagement between the pads and rotors, its caliper keeps you in full control thanks to its fast and precise braking power.

Low-Effort MTB Disc Brake
Whether you're competing or riding after work with your buddies, this version's solid lever features a specific pull curve to balance on-demand pressure modulation with ease.
As a result, you'll be able to enjoy its simple and easy to pull design for an effortless braking feel and control as you weave between the trails.

To top it off, its K2 hose is constructed from a woven Kevlar construction to provide the stiffest hose possible for maximum power transmission.


Use: MTB
Type: SFL (Small Freaking Lever) version
Piston: 4-piston
Caliper: 74mm post-mount
Brake Fluid: DOT 5.1
Hose: K2 hose from woven Kevlar
Weight: 303g (approx)

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Hayes Dominion A4 Disc Brake Kit
Hayes Dominion A4 Disc Brake Kit
Hayes Dominion A4 Disc Brake Kit
Hayes Dominion A4 Disc Brake Kit