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Rhino Goo

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RHINOGOO The new market leading cleaning product in the UK and Europe. 


Money dosen’t come easy, so why use cheap cleaning products on something which means so much to us. Even dishwashing liquids contain salt, great for cutlery, not so great for something which costs thousands of pounds.

Rhino Goo will not damage aluminium, anodized parts, any rubber components ie fork seals, wheel bearing seals, gaskets etc, or remove the shine off your plastics.

This is a truly safe product with no nasty chemicals. Rhino Goo’s products are biodegradable, non abrasive and safe on all surfaces. There are products out there which claim to do all the things mentioned above and there are products out there which will damage all the things mentioned above.

Rhino Goo Fast Action Cleaner

Rhino Goo Fast Action Cleaner is a unique blend of fully biodegradable chemicals which are designed to clean every part of your Vehicle.

RhinoGoo is especially tough on brake dust and very mild on more delicate components. It’s totally safe on anodising, aluminum, paintwork, suspension seals, rubber, disc brake pads, carbon fibre and fibre glass.

After Wash Shine – Protect – Lubricate

Rhino Shine has been purposely made for the MTB / Cycle and Motocross market.

It’s designed to lubricate, protect and at the same time enhances the look of your bike.

This silicone based product can be also used on all suspension, making moving parts silky smooth.