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Kaniwaba pedal kit for Sur-Ron

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At LAST!!! a pedal kit that lets your suspension do its job. 
NOW available with a drive system!


  • A pedal kit that lets your rear suspension WORK. The original pedal kit is located directly on the rear swingarm, therefore it does not spring your weight... you will feel the difference immediately going over obstacles, plus the turning is greatly improved!
  • Cranks optional. The original cranks were soft and known to bend easily.
  • Plug and Play pedal kit fixed to the frame! You just disassemble the existing side brackets and install the pedal kit.  
  • Easy setup.  Adjust the kit to your bike using the stainless steel collars.  You may easily change between pedals or footpegs (and you have two footpeg positions!).  Just install the footpegs or the cranks without removing the pedal kit, you can also remove the spindle. You choose!
  • Maintenance free.  New design is maintenance free since it has sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Brace bar.  Also works as a brace bar
  • Reduced wobble.  Little to no wobble of the chain, a common problem with the OEM kit since it is not connected to the chain.
  • Aluminium made in order to reduce weight.  With a weight of around 3 Lb (1.5 kg) it is lighter than the OEM kit.  The spindle is made of stainless steel.
  • Durable Materials. Parts made of aluminum and stainless steel.  It will last a long time. 

Pedals not included in this version. See our discount bundle below.

NOTE this Kit does not make the Sur-Ron Road legal in Europe

NEW !! easy install Power kit 



installation instructions

Power kit installation

COMING VERY SOON !!! (Expected September)

Electronic Pedal Assist Kit 


(fits Sur Ron/Segaway)

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Customer Reviews

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George T

Hi not sure if it's the way its written but ;You may easily change between pedals or footpegs (and you have two footpeg positions!).  Just install the footpegs or the cranks without removing the pedal kit,; sorry to sound stupid but does that mean you can have the foot pegs on at the same time as the peddle crank arms or do you have to remove either arms or feet pegs and have one or the other ? Hope that makes sense, also can you run any brand moutain bike peddle arm with this set up or is their specific requirements thanks. Would like to get a really strong grade arm on it if possible.

Harry Hoare
kaniwaba pedal kit

Very good but in my time of using this kit I have found some problems with it, first the chain witch comes with the kit could be a better quality chain since it ended up getting so lose that it felt like it was going to come off and eventually ended up snapping 3 links in it. One other issue I have noticed are the crank arms witch you can purchase with this kit as they could be stronger because I have managed to bend the crack arms twice now whilst riding. A way around this might be to get slightly short cranks as I fell that they are a little to long since you'll find that you can easily tap the ground. Apart from this they are defiantly the best kit out there at the moment and are quite easy to install on your bike. Even with these things I have noticed I wouldn't think twice about recommending to someone else.

What’s the point?

The gear ratio means your legs go round a thousand times to move a centimetre. Totally pointless. If you run out of power you could actually cycle the bike home. So when would you actually use these?

Hello Dave,

It is true propelling the Sur-Ron and any speed with pedals is not an option with a standard setup, you would need to use a much smaller small sprocket on the rear (OEM kit uses a 25T) and even then it is not going to be a rideable option. The kit is designed for mountain bikers who prefer the feel of pedals the propulsion add on it for US laws which state that the pedals must be capable of propelling the bike (naturally no minimum speed is required ) For us Europeans the propulsion add-on has the added benifit if giving feedback on the pedals.

Kaniwaba pedal kit for Sur-Ron

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  • Without Cranks
  • With Cranks (Power Kit Not Included)
  • Complete kit with power drive system (Cranks included)
  • Power Drive add-on

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