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Sur-Ron high power full-size electric off-road motorcycle.

Sur-Ron high power full-size electric off-road motorcycle.

Yesterday (13-08-2019), the internet was on fire with rumours or leaked footage and photos of a new bike seen around and industrial park in Chongqing.

Stag MC has put together all the information we can find on this bike, some are calling it a "Boom Bee" (hopefully the name will grow on us).

It looks like there will be 2 versions, a 72v and a 96v there also seems to be a street legal and a MX configuration.


Rumors indicate a November unveiling at the Milan Bike show 



Some links with more info

 15-08-2019 update

27/08/2019 update on facebook


Here is some possible specs for the Boom Bee

The photos show ABS on the front wheel 

Other leaked specs include

Peak Power:16.5KW (72V);21.5KW (96V)
Top Speed (sport mode):90km/h (72V);100km/h(96V)
Top Speed (turbo mode):100km/h(72V);110km/h(96V)
RANGE:72V Version ≥125km(@50km/h)
Tire Size (Road Legal Version):Fr.: 110/80-19;Rr.:140/70-17
Tire Size (MX Version):Fr.: 80/100-21;Rr.:100/90-18

20 Sept 2019 Update

More photos released from the first public release of the Sur-Ron Storm.

EVNerds have a write up with specs

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