Sur-Ron Light Bee (Silver)

"Quick update. The bikes amazing and certainly flies!!"


Stag SG 7.0 Std 

"I use my twice a day to go and feed my horses, without it I would not be able to keep horses"


Sur-Ron Light Bee-X (Black)

"getting on well with the bike, don`t rush to get me a rear sprocket, give me a bit of time to work out how many teeth. the bike pulls strong from standstill and at lower speed/revs, might not want gearing down."


 Sur-Ron Light Bee (Black)

"Thanks for the update on the pedals, the bike is wonderful piece of kit with a surprising amount of torque. Done just over 10 mile today up the local gravel tracks and it's brilliant and nobody even know's I'm there....👍😊"