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Magura MT5

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The award-winning MT5 combines performance with an affordable price, making it the top retrofit product among MAGURA disc brakes. All the genes of the MT7 are in our MT5 model for downhill and enduro use. Whether in bike parks, in enduro use or on the home trail, the MT5 is up to all challenges – and it’s also a powerful partner for e-bikes.
  • RADIAL DESIGN - The radial design of the brake master ensures low friction, reducing transmission losses. It also enables the conversion of (small / large) transmission ratios, which improves modulation and control.
  • With the MT5 you save money and still get the performance you need. The 4-piston brake calliper forged in one piece has a high degree of rigidity, resulting in outstanding braking force and the best possible modulation.
  • Particularly reliable – compared to the MT7, the MT5’s increased piston retraction makes it particularly dependable in continuous use. Mounting is also fast and the MT5 is friction-free.
Model year: 2015
Tubing length: 2,200 mm
Weight: 255 g
Material housing: Carbotecture®
Lever blade: 2-finger, Aluminium
Reach Adjust: T25 tool
Color: master black / caliper black
Accent color: silver
Recommended rotor: Storm HC / CL 160 mm / 180 mm / 203 mm; MDR-C 180 mm / 203 mm; MDR-P 203 mm / 220 mm
Scope of delivery: 1 single brake incl. manual and small parts bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tim South
Amazing brakes and service from the store

These brakes.... wow thats all I can say, they are a massive upgrade from my guide t.

Service from the store was absolutely spot on couldn't fault it one bit got my new brakes 4 days earlier than stated delivery I will be recommending these to a few friends for sure. The price also was the best I found.

Thank you for your great effort and care very much appreciated 👍

M Snow
Good upgrade for mtb e-bikes

These mt5's were an upgrade from mt4 which came with my ebike 4 years ago.
First thing to say was Stag fulfilled my order in less than 48 hours. Great service at an amazing price.
The rotors supplied with bike were Magura storm 180 at the rear, 203 front. I decided to upgrade the rotors to MDR-c which have been designed for ebikes. I put 203 on both front and rear, the rear requiring an adapter. Installation of the calipers was very straightforward. The hoses did need trimming, but, the kit comes with all parts needed to complete, comprehensive instructions and Magura have lots of videos on their website.
Now I thought my original levers came with bog standard blades, but compared to the blades supplied with the MT5 (some form of reinforced plastic), it was obvious they were not. Infact they are Magura HC aluminium one finger blades which I was now used to. I swapped them out to the mt5's. One more thing was before connecting hoses I installed Magura 40' banjo adapters which allows you to have shorter hoses, also it gives a neater finish and there is adjustment to give the hoses direction.
Now the bleeding of brakes. Because I knew that the hoses were to be cut, I drew the oil out of both brakes with a small adapter and syringe. No spillage. Everyone seems to complain about how messy a bleed is, but if you leave the plunger in the syringe attached to leaver and use adapter, pipe and clip with syringe on the caliper, the system is constantly under pressure when caliper syringe is depressed. The lever syringe plunger will move when caliper syringe is pressed. 20mls of royal blood per caliper. Just some kitchen towel ready when syringes are removed.
On first ride after fitting followed the magura bedding process on a long hill. With each 1 second pull I could feel the bite getting better.
From reviews I was wary of locking the system, but there is so much positive feel to the brakes. Also the upgraded rotors give more stopping power and are more quiet, the vibration/resonance that the storms generate is gone.
I have to say that I wish I hadn't waited 4 years for this upgrade, I am more confident about the stopping power of MT5 and the HC blades means that the same feel is there.
Bigger is definitely Better.