The FIM E-Bike Cross World Cup

The FIM E-Bike Cross World Cup

Brad Ramsden |

We have reached the halfway point of this year's FIM E-Bike Cross World Cup, and it's an ideal moment to reflect on the thrilling races so far, examine the current standings, and speculate on the future of this burgeoning sport.

At Stag, we have always believed that competition is pivotal for propelling our industry forward, which is why we founded Brushless MX!

Competition drives manufacturers to continually enhance their designs in order to maintain a competitive edge, it paves the way for sponsorships that inject attention and financial support into the sector and most importantly, they provide a legitimate platform for these bikes to be used within their intended design parameters. All of this benefits the growing community of users.

In addition to our local races, we have been eagerly following the FIM's venture into electric competition. The FIM hosts several electric events, with the e-xplorer World Cup being the most prominent. The e-xplorer format features male and female rider tag-teams navigating a mix of urban and off-road environments, specially designed to optimize the potential of electric bikes. This style of racing has garnered attention from sponsors and notable figures like Robbie Maddison and James Stewart, steadily gaining popularity.

Aside from the e-xplorer, the eBike Cross World Cup is another FIM supported venture. After becoming aware of the event in 2022, Stag was eager to get involved in 2023 and put together it race team. The e-bike Cross World Cup blends together elements from MTB and Moto. 

The FIM E-Bike Cross World Cup - Blurring Boundaries Between Bicycles and Motorcycles

We have observed the boundaries between "bicycle" and "motorcycle" becoming increasingly blurred within the electric motorcycle industry. Our Sur-Rons and Talarias, for instance, share interchangeable brakes, suspension, bars, and stems with downhill mountain bikes. However, our seating position and riding style resemble that of an 85cc motorcycle. We refer to these lightweight electric bikes as "emotos."

Another emerging category is closer to traditional eBikes, encompassing a range of models such as the Stealth Bombers, Super 73s (with a more urban orientation), and the LMX 64 and SEM Venom (targeting off-road and performance applications). These bikes can be defined by their traditional bicycle frames, pedals, saddles, with the main distinction being the ability to utilize a throttle for propulsion, often exceeding the EPAC limited 250W power output.

These machines represent the cutting edge of innovation in the industry.
The e-Bike Cross World Cup has bike race from EX1 (standard EPAC eBikes) right through to EX4 (eMoto Style Bikes). The events are run similarly to motocross events, with a qualifying stage and a series of heat races. The events are also run on a motocross style track, which offers a unique challenge (particularly for riders who are pedalling).

Team Stag included Connor Ward on a SEM Venom (EX3 - Pedal and Throttle), Terry Griffiths on an LMX 64-T and an LMX 56 (EX3 - Pedal and Throttle) and Bryn Ramsden on an LMX 161 (EX4 - eMoto).

Round 1 - Mons, Belgium

The track was a 1200m circuit with wide corners, big table-tops and thick loamy sand that is synonymous with Belgian Motocross. The key challenge for riders was picking the fastest lines and keeping fingers off brakes while keeping one eye on the battery gauge and temperatures.
The track also proved incredibly gruelling for the bikes as the added resistance from the sand combined with constant high speed meant motors were working overtime.

When It came to EX3 racing, Connor dominated both races leading by a comfortable margin throughout and taking home the victory overall. Terry Griffiths also put in an incredible performance in both races, holding off fierce competition for the majority of the race before the battery thermal protection kicked in. There was an excellent performance (as always) from Loic Veyvrac on the new LMX 56, taking 2nd step on the podium.

When it came to the EX4 class, the standard of competition was extremely high with nearly 20 riders on the start grid. Bryn Ramsden had his work cut out for him on board the LMX 161 factory race bike. Battery heat management was a crucial part of the game plan and toggling between a 7kw and 9kw map on the bike, Bryn had to ride a tactical race. With fantastic consistency Bryn pulled off 2 great performances with the second race being a close battle for second place between Sur-Ron Ultra Bee, Drill one and LMX 161. In the end, the 161's consistency and clever race management won the day,  landing Bryn 2nd on the podium, behind the truly impressive race leader Pierre Lozzi.

Round 2 - Vincelles, France

Round 2 of the competition was tied in the with fantastic LX Tour competition run by Eoos France. The track had been specially designed and built for smaller electric motorcycles with tight, technical corners and jumps - the scene was set. 
As always, Connor showed everyone how it was done by dominating qualifying, and the 2 EX3 heat races. Astonishingly, Connors time on the SEM Venom was one of the fastest of the entire competition including bikes in the higher powered class!

Terry put down some solid riding in his heats, dicing with Loic for a podium finish.

Finally, Bryn managed to hold his own amongst a talented group of EX4 riders. In the end he finished mid-pack with some quick lap times under his belt. 

We are thrilled with the teams debut performances so far in Europe with the current  standings sitting as follows:

Connor Ward: 1st EX3 (SEM Venom)
Terry Griffiths: 3rd EX3 (LMX 64-T / LMX56)
Bryn Ramsden: 3rd EX4 (LMX 161)
(with 2 Rounds still to come in Italy)

As we approach the remaining races of the eBike Cross World Cup, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the fierce competition and marvelling at the advancements made by riders and manufacturers alike. The future of this exhilarating sport holds endless possibilities, and at Stag, we are thrilled to be part of this electric revolution.


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  • For details on any of the bikes that are competing then please follow the relevant link /// SEM Venom /// LMX 64-T /// LMX 161.
  • If you are interested in attending or taking part in any future events then please CONTACT US and we would be happy to assist with logistics and planning. 

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