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Passport to Quiet, Versatile, and Eco-Friendly Riding!

An LX Tour Stage winning machine that offers unrivalled out-the-box performance.

Unleash the power of the LMX 161 MXR, a historic model from the renowned LMX Bikes brand. This isn't just an electric motocross bike; it's a Lightweight Motocross masterpiece, proudly living up to the legacy of LMX's commitment to Lightweight Motocross (MX). Weighing in at a mere 45 kg, this exceptional electric off-road motorcycle offers an unparalleled riding experience, redefining what you thought was possible with an electric two-wheeler.

Experience Quiet Excitement Who says adult electric motocross should come with the intrusive noise and vibrations of traditional engines? The LMX 161 MXR is all about discretion, opening up new avenues of excitement and adventure without disturbing the peace. Ride silently and swiftly, embracing a new era of motocross.

Unparalleled Maneuverability Weighing in as the lightest freeride motorcycle on the market, the LMX 161 MXR, with its featherlight 45 kg frame, delivers the exhilarating sensations of speed akin to downhill mountain biking. Glide through terrain with unmatched agility, making every twist and turn a thrill to conquer.

Without Constraints Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional motocross maintenance. The LMX 161 MXR is hassle-free, with reduced operating costs. No more oil changes, air filter replacements, or valve clearances. The need for fuel injection is a thing of the past. Focus on your adventure, not the maintenance.

Accessible Everywhere and by Everyone No motorcycle license? No problem! The LMX 161 MXR is accessible to everyone with its 50cc approval 161H model. Riding it is as simple as pedaling a bicycle. Forget about complex engine speed management, gear ratios, and vibrations. Enjoy smooth descents reminiscent of big mountain biking, without the noise and pollution.

Transportable on Bike Rack The LMX 161 MXR's lightness and sleek design make it the perfect travel companion. With a weight of only 35 kg (without the battery), you can effortlessly transport it on your bike rack, expanding your horizons for thrilling adventures wherever you go.

Ecological Riding Join the eco-friendly revolution with the LMX 161 MXR. This electric wonder produces zero gas emissions and offers up to 500 battery charge-discharge cycles while retaining up to 70% of its initial capacity. Contribute to a cleaner environment while enjoying the exhilaration of motocross.

The LMX 161 MXR is not just a bike; it's a lifestyle. It's the epitome of eco-conscious, noise-free, and versatile motocross. Experience a new dimension of adventure with the LMX 161 MXR Electric Bike today!


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Weight 44kg
Top Speed  55+mph
Slope 45 °
Motor 80mm IPM (9kW)
Maximum Power 8.5 HP
Road Legal? No 
Wheelbase 1310mm
Rake 64 °

Fork:  Bos Obsys Diameter 42mm - travel 220 mm

Rear Shock: Bos Syors 250x75 Travel 215 mm


Formula Cura 4 / 4 front/rear 18 mm pistons

Frame Material Aluminium 6061 T6
Frame Weight 6.5kg
Wheel Size 26 ″ front / 19 ″ rear motorcycle
Seat Height 88cm
Controller Brushless 130 A
Battery 60 V / 34 Ah, Samsung 30 E 18650
Charger 600 W (full charge in 3 h)
Screen Speed ​​display with 7 bar battery gauge
Throttle Domino twist grip accelerator made in Italy
Peak Power 9000 W
Continuous Power 3100 W
Power Modes ECO mode and BOOST mode

3 hours off road riding

Average of 30-35 Miles 

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  • Up to 50 Miles

  • 55mph

  • 9000W (Capable of 12000W)

  • 44kg

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Frequently Asked Questions


What countries do you ship bikes to?

Motorcycle and Bicycle shipping is currently only available to clients within mainland UK.

If you live outside the UK and would like to order a motorcycle or bicycle then please contact us and we help connect you with a local dealer.

How long will delivery take?

We aim to deliver all in-stock bikes within 5 working days. If you require expedited shipping then please contact us

Can I collect my bike or arrange my own shipping?

If you wish to collect your bike or arrange your own shipping then that is not a problem.

Please contact us prior to ordering to confirm details such as collection time and whether or not you need the bike assembled.

Please note: bikes must be assembled on site to qualify for warranty.

Servicing and Warranty

Does my new bike come with a warranty?

All our new bikes come with a manufacturer warranty. For more details on this please visit our resources page.

Please note: Warranty work typically requires the the bike to be brought in to the shop.

Does my used bike come with a warranty?

All our used bikes are sold with a 3 month dealer warranty. Please visit our resources page for more details

Please note: Warranty work typically requires the the bike to be brought in to the shop.

Where can I get my bike serviced or repaired?

If you require a service or repair, then please visit our workshop booking page.

Priority with resources and availability is always given to clients who purchase their motorcycle from us.


Can I request modifications to my bike?

If you wish to have any additional parts or optional extras fitted to your new bike then we would be happy to accommodate.

Please contact us to discuss your options.


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