About Us



'We are driven by the desire to expedite change with electric mobility in the UK and around the world. The technology to make a difference is already out there and it is getting better every year - our role is to connect that technology to users and guide them into making the most practical use out of it'



What Makes us TICK?

Transparency – Our Customers can rely on open and attentive communication.  No pushy sales pitch - just honest and helpful advice.

Integrity – Whether we are working business to business or business to consumer we conduct ourselves in an ethical and honest way.

Community – We are continuously working hard to grow and nurture our community of users. from race events to social media groups, it's all about sharing the experience with others.  

Knowledge – We strive to be the at the forefront of innovation within electric motorcycle and bicycle tech - this means: visiting tradeshows, testing and dismantling bikes and putting staff through the proper training. We understand that making the switch to electric can be a daunting prospect for many individuals or businesses - we make sure we have all the answers to any questions you have about our products. We are been and always will be learning...


 Be part of our journey and e-volve your ride.


Tel: 01635 741571     
Address: Stag Motorcycles 
Unit 4
Pipers lane
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