About Us

We Have Moved!

We are excited to announce that we have moved!

We have spent a long time getting our new showroom ready for our customers, and we are therefore proud to welcome you all through our doors. Typically, the majority of our business is conducted online but we feel we want to expand this.

The aim of our new HQ is to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all those with shared interests to convene, browse and chat until the tea is cold. We are also keen to receive any feedback you may have from your visit so that we can continue to develop the experience for our customers.

Details for the new address can be found on our Contact Us Page.

 Vision and Mission

Stag Motorcycles is a small family business encompassing a lifetime of competing, enjoyment and total appreciation of off-road and on-road motorcycles.

 Our ambition is to bring to market affordable, practical, good quality machines that also have the fun factor as well as being kind to our environment and sympathetic to our surroundings. 

 Our mission is to provide an unparalleled customer service where we share our passion and knowledge of our products to ensure people of all ages and abilities from the first time novice rider to a seasoned petrol head are totally satisfied with our products and customer care and would chose us to be a trusted partner for their biking needs.

Steve Ramsden

Owner/ Director 

Stag Motorcycles Ltd

Company Ethos

What Makes us TICK?

Transparency – Our Customers can rely on open and attentive communication that puts their satisfaction above our profits.  No pushy sales pitch - just honest and helpful advice.

Integrity – Whether we are working business to business or business to consumer we conduct ourselves in an ethical and honest way, adhering to the highest moral code.

Community – Stag puts huge focus on its Customer community.  We have invested a lot of time in cultivating a loyal social media following and we value our existing Customers as much as our new ones.  We want our Customers to be dazzled by our products and encourage them to share their experiences with us and others.

Knowledge – We proudly strive to be the at the forefront of new product updates and to share technology advancements within this newly emerging industry.  We have been and always will be learning...

 Be part of our journey and e-volve your ride.


Update 09/08/2019

Keeping it in the family :- Stag Motorcycles would like to introduce Brad Ramsden to the full-time team. Brad will be supporting with customer enquiries, accounting, strategy and planning, marketing and deliveries.

With his energy, passion and focus on customer service we believe Brad is a brilliant addition to the Team.

Brad Ramsden

Contact Brad directly on Brad@stagmotorcycles.co.uk



Suzuki RM 80 X 

First Win 1981

Suzuki RM 124 E

From the early days of Junior dirt track racing in Zimbabwe in 1981, Steve has had a passion for 2 wheels and the thrill of off-road riding. Since moving to the UK in 2001 with his family Steve followed trends and developments within the sport and the bikes and in 2016 he was presented with an opportunity to fulfil his dream and Stag Motorcycles was born in early 2017 when the Stag Rocky was launched onto the UK Market. Later that year Stag began talks with Sur-Ron in China about their exciting new product the Light Bee or in those days it was branded the Firefly.... 

Suzuki RM 80 D 1985

Suzuki RM 125 1985

RM 500 also 1985