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Stag Carbon Fibre rear Hugger for Sur-Ron

Original price £75.95 - Original price £75.95
Original price
£75.95 - £75.95
Current price £75.95

Made for Sur-ron by the suppliers to MXGP championship teams.

Helps protect the Shock and belt from excess mud and debris

Built to last, they are lightweight and extremely durable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Thomas Sivertson
Holes didn’t line up with the surron hugger mount holes.

mis manufactured product.

LOOK amazing

good quality but Warning Holes not match ! you need mod.

Follow up after install

As Nicholas has stated the product is great but the fitting is not. The left cut hole and bolt they provide is great but the right bolt is too short!!!! So you have no option but to use the original or buy a longer bolt. My solution to the issue was to use a drill and make the right hole larger to allow the original bolt to fit. It now works and looks great but STAG you need to look into this simple fix issue. Solution provide an longer bolt or drill the right whole bigger to allow fitting of original bolt 👍

Update from reply - the chain runner bolt is standard and what was fitted to my standard rear guard before I replace it to this carbon version. I got the bike from Luna cycles in the US and it’s a 2021 model with a right bolt/nut so just a warning as you’ll get the same issue I would think from anyone ordering in the US ect

Hi Tom, thanks for the feedback, I am not sure I understand. on a new bike there is no bolt on the right. Do you have a mud flap or a chain guard fitted? The bolts supplied should have been M5 x 16 mm the hugger is 9 mm this should give you 7 mm of thread for any extra fittings. If the wrong bolts have been supplied let me know I will get some out to you.

Update: Ahh! I see your chain runner bolt is coming right through. I am not sure why but this is not normal.

Nicholas Patton
Stock screws are too short, good quality carbon fiber

They made the carbon fiber too thick near where the screw holes are so you need to either grind it down some or find longer screws, very unfortunate. If you guys have any in stock please let me know. Other than that it is high quality carbon fiber and very light.

Hi Nicholas, the longer screws are attached to the front of the bag please check the packaging.

Bristol boy

Good quality really think we need more carbon parts for sur ron maybe a carbon chain guard haha defo need more carbon