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group of children riding dirt electric bikes

How old do you need to be to ride a dirt bike? Could electric be the answer?

Dirt biking is a great hobby that provides amazing family fun and excitement. Whether you yourself have experience with the sport and want to share that with your children or its all unchartered territory, you may want some guidance on introducing them to it.


How old do you need to be to ride a dirt bike?

Generally it is accepted that kids as young as 3 can begin learning to ride. Balance bikes are by far the best option for children at this age to learn the basic skills required to ride (predominantly balance and throttle control).

If they're super keen to get going even younger then unpowered balance bikes such as the Cake Ready are cheap and easy options from 18 months onwards!

As kids grow and develop their skills, it may also be to time to change their ride as well. We have listed a detailed guide below of all the great electric options to suit children at different age groups. Please remember that although the guidance in the table below is based on the recommendations of manufacturers, we encourage parents to use their own discretion before purchasing as all children will develop their skills and grow at different rates. 


Are electric dirt bikes the best solution?

Of course, from our point of view as an electric-only motorcycle dealer we will say yes – (aside from the fact we genuinely believe it is!) it’s in our interest as a retailer, but we feel it could be in your interest too.

Firstly, electric balance bikes are pretty much the only option for children under 4 (more on this below). Petrol bikes only become suitable from 4/5 onwards and even then, sizing needs to be considered. This means that if you want to get them started as early as possible you will need to consider an electric balance bike regardless.

Then there's engine noise, clutch and gears  to consider. These often prove to be the biggest deterrent and barrier for young riders when getting into the sport. Electric bikes eliminate both factors making entry into the sport extremely accessible for all ages. And if you’re thinking that fully automatic, electric bikes will inevitably hold them back along the line with performance then take a look at the highly anticipated STARK VARG in action.

 Clearly, it wont be long before electric bikes start hitting the grids in major competition.

Ultimately, all things considered – the world that the next generation grow-up into will be very different to that of today. The UK government (along with many others) have made ambitious pledges to reduce emissions on the streets in the coming decades and it wont be long before that trend hits the tracks and trails.


Where can they ride and what are the legalities?

A question that often pops up along side ‘what age?’ is ‘where can I ride?’ and it’s a perfectly valid question - once they get them, they’ll want to use them!

Strictly speaking, none of the kid’s dirt bikes mentioned in this article are suitable for use on public roads. This means your options are, private land or designated riding locations and events, which at times can feel rather limiting.

At Stag Motorcycles we are committed to offering opportunities for young riders to make the most of their bikes all year round, develop their skills and engage in early-stage off-road competition.

Therefore we have set up Brushless MX – an events organisation that hosts electric riding events and races all over the UK. These events are continuing to grow in popularity, and we hope to continue to grow them to the point that riders will have regular access to high quality riding locations and activities on their door step.

group of children age 7 riding dirt electric bikes
If you are interested in finding opportunities to ride or race electric bikes, then please check out

What bikes are suitable for what age group?

Deciding what bike to buy can information overload. We hope to make this a little easier for you by collating all information from most major brands into a table.

Of course, there are more brands and bikes out there but hopefully this information helps make that decision easier.

*Our information is guided by recommendations from manufacturers. We highly recommend seeing and sitting on bikes before purchasing.

Age Range Description  Suggested  Bikes

10- or 12-inch balance bikes are the

only options at this stage, but they are

a great introduction into dirt biking.

lightweight bicycle like tubing with

small lithium batteries.

Revvi 12

Amped A10

Stacyc 12 edrive


Again, the same selection of balance

bikes along with some

sloped ‘trials bike’ shape models.

Revvi 12

Amped A10

Stacyc 12 edrive

Kuberg Start

Oset 12.5R


Larger 16’’ Balance bikes along with

small Motorcross and Trials Style bikes

from Oset and Kuberg.

Cake Go

Amped A16

Stacyc 16 edrive

Revvi 16

Revvi 16 Plus

Oset MX-10

Kuberg Cross Hero

Kuberg Trail Hero


At this stage its you’ll want a

specifically designed junior bike

Cake Go

Oset 20.0R

Kuberg Cross Hero

Kuberg Trail Hero



Sur Ron Youth

and Oset 24.0 are great bikes for

the youth category and work well in

bridging the gap into adult


Oset 24.0R


Sur Ron Light Bee Youth


Beyond the age of 15 it’s time to

consider the following adult bikes.

There are power modes with

performance restrictions available on

all bikes that may benefit for newer

riders but ultimately these machines

are outstanding fun for anyone aged

15 to 80.


Sur Ron Light Bee

Talaria Sting

Cake INK

Cake OR


Is it safe for children to ride dirt bikes?

The question of safety will no doubt be on your mind when you are considering introducing your children into dirt biking. And its true, dirt biking presents a degree of risk that other hobbies don’t. In fact, that degree of risk is often what draws people to the sport in the first place.

However, please rest assured that when it comes to statistics, it’s not as bad as you might imagine. The overwhelming majority of serious dirt bike incidents occur: on jumps, when a rider is not wearing appropriate safety gear or when a rider has been drinking.  Alcohol is not going to be a factor for a new young rider and jumps will be avoided/rolled over until ability and bike power allows. Finally, we know its an absolute no brainer but well-fitting safety gear is essential.

And so, while crashing is an inevitable part of the learning process – the chances are its not going to be anything serious.

kids age 5 years old riding dirt electric bikes

Protective Gear

  • Helmet-  full-face helmets will always offer the best protection and correct fit is crucial. Helmets from Revvi are great for early stage riding and a great range of junior helmets can be found at 24MX.


  • Gloves- Again Revvi offer a great early stage options, and junior gloves can be found here. Hands are often a major contact point in falls so its a good idea to keep them covered.


  • Boots- Ankle sprains are a common injury in dirt biking. Therefore its best to wear long, protective boots while riding. 


  • Goggles- Goggles keep dirt out the eyes and are therefore super essential for riding (especially in poor conditions). Check out some options here at dirtbike express.


  • Elbow and Knee Guards- a nice additional measure to cushion any falls.


  • Body Armor- Body armour may also be a good idea along the line, especially as the jumps get bigger and bikes get faster. 
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